• I'd love to poop
    And I haven't pooped in so long.
    I'd love to poop
    Because of all the dietary fiber I eat .

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  • "Water makes up about 75% of your bowel movements." Reports the clickbait headline of 11 Icky But Interesting Facts About Poop

  • "A pile of poo that is shaped like a soft-serve ice cream. Brown in color with a friendly smile." Reports EmojiPedia.Org.

  • "The average American man excretes 150 grams (about one-third of a pound) of stool every day, or the equivalent of 5 tons in a lifetime!" Reports DrStool.com

  • Letting go
    Will never be enough
    When there's
    Another meal to eat.

  • When the eggs and sausage come to fruition:
    Energy, energy, energy,
    A new ball of vendition.

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  • The other mile high club.

    Knees against the wall,
    Baby cries, and the
    Flight attendant wonders,
    "Will this man ever open the door?"